imageOne of the worlds top parties, a howling display of party animals, neon colors, fire throwing circus acts, and the most energized dance moves only a full moon could attract! The line up of parties before the full moon (the waterfall party, the jungle party, etc..) can either prepare you for whats to come or exhaust you before the main event. Every month thirty thousand people come covering every grain of sand of the Haad Rin beach, prepared to rage or at least witness the spectacle which is, the full moon party. imageimageimageimageimageimageWhat to be warned about; lock your things up in hotel, break-ins can occur if your sleeping close to the chaos. Don’t use the bucket. Get the cheap drinks but ask to mix it yourself in the empty water bottle you bring. You don’t know what will could be mixed into your drink or thrown into your bucket by strangers. Plus, with a lid you can dance without spilling your drink.

A Plymouth Wedding

imageFall weddings are by far my favorite, and what better than a October wedding nesseled amongst the changing leaves of the north east. Upon everyones arrival there was a welcoming party. Including the wedding party and all those who came in from out of town. If you knew the bride and groom it would only make sense that the traditional rehearsal dinner be morphed into a fun filled event complete with a live band, open bar, and many friends and family.
True to the nature of the couple I expected lots of dancing, laughing and meeting many kind and affectionate people. After all you are the company you keep. The day was so much more than I expected and it was the little gestures and details that were unique to them that made the day a wedding to remember. imageimageimageThe yellow school buses to transport all the guests . For two local teachers this makes for a cute detail.
The fancy bow ties around every groomsmen’s neck. Fitting to the grooms personal style and usual dress up attire.
The bride and her father made a last minute decision to arrive to the country club ceremony in a gulf cart from an unscheduled direction. Giving the crowd a little chuckle and staying true to their personalities.
The readings were from some great classic literature throughout the ceremony, expressing the principles of love and marriage. After all they are teachers.
A moment during the ceremony to reflect on the special day. The dear friend that wed them had the bride and groom turn out to all the guests to take a minute to be in the moment before it flashes by.
The hand painted flags handed out to all the guests were gifts of love made the brides students.
The table settings had small stories about the places they’ve been together, many involving their guests.imageimageimageimageAnd throughout the reception there were many more details but all that’s coming to mind is my honey rimmed whiskey and the dance floor!
As the night went on you could see the strong friendships they’ve made over the years and the close family that they were so lucky to have. The night was beautiful, between the table settings, the bride, and the views of the country club, and all the previous mentioned details but it was the people that were what made this wedding standout out. imageimageimageimage

Cupcake Jar

P1010889At first glance, this image is frightening, but the ideas of a kimchi cupcake came to me when my vegan, gluten-free buddy was celebrating her birthday. Nothing is worse than not being able to eat your own birthday sweets. This might even be the perfect solution for an allergy or someone that just doesn’t have a sweet tooth. And so… I threw one of her favorite snacks into a jar, kimchi. Now, I know, that is not the genius part because there are many alternatives to birthday cakes. The simple but yet, genius part is the iced candle lite lid.

All you need is some candles, in whatever color you would like, to burn and drip onto the lid as the icing. before that hardens poke your holes for the cut candles to sit in and drip a little more hot wax in hole to steady the candle. And whala, a celebration treat exactly the way the birthday one likes it!

Winter Wonderland

16888567322138039_87w3OcKl_bI am going to fight the urge to stay inside in my cozy socks and my cuddly blanket and step outside after the next snow fall with that same blanket but instead of socks, a picnic basket! What a refreshing way to spend an afternoon. A winter picnic would definitely be the solution to my next case of cabin fever. Just picture it…



DIY Make New Years Sparkle

239183430181500241_d1sjhAIB_cSequins, glitter, and sparkles. OH MY! The DIY above, and the many more below, are spectacular ideas for any party but especially a sparkling New Years Eve party you might be hosting this year! Even if it’s a last-minute get together, add these to your party along with some friends, and a countdown and it’s a recipe for a

The steps are easy and there are so many variations you can do!

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Naked Painting Party

The title says it all. An art project that at first I didn’t think I could be apart of but my curiosity took over and so last week I attended THE NAKED PAINTING PARTY at Gallery Bar in NYC. I’m so happy I went!

Yes, a room full of naked strangers sounds awkward and it was, but when you douse them all in paint the focus becomes less about the naked people and more about the social experience. Although, I did not fully participate in the nudity, it was still an unreal experience to be apart of. The interactions, the art, and all the shapes and sizes of humanity was worth the strip down. We’re talking about a spectrum of all age ranges, races, experienced nudist mixed with the unprepared folk who stumbled across the party after happy hour, and even a pregnant woman. I am proud to say I went!

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Picnic Power

Picnics are a great past time, the beauty of them is anyone can do it. By themselves, with a partner, or even a group. Small or big, there are some key essentials you should remember. I have provided a check list so you don’t forget anything as you’re running out the door. With the understanding that no picnic is a like, you obviously won’t need all these things.
  • Blanket
  • Pillows
  • Napkins
  • Plates
  • Silverware
  • Serving utensils
  • Cups and wine glasses
  • Corkscrew or bottle opener
  • A knife
  • Cutting Board
  • Condiments
  • Book
  • Card/Board Games
  • Balls
  • Music
  • Garbage bag
  • Sunblock
Here are some eco-friendly essentials for your next picnic!
(image via Picnic Box)

(image via Sporks)

(from Green with Glamour)

(via Delish)

(via Diane’s Beachwear)

Sweet Party, Dude!

A party I have yet to throw, but have been wanting to do forever, is the miracle fruit party!  Sure, you don’t have to throw a party just to eat this crazy little berry, but it’s another good excuse to get together!

I’m raving about the synsepalum dulcificum berry from West Africa, widely known as the miracle fruit or miracle berry! This small grape sized berry, when digested, tricks your taste buds into thinking… all things sour and salty are now sweet! Wouldn’t it be an amazing idea for a trippy party, a candyland birthday in disguise, a sweet tooth’s cocktail party, or even to sweeten up a bridal shower! Not actually having to put down any sweets on the table.

Providing an exciting twist for your soiree. Just image a table full of lemons, goat cheese, crackers and Guinness beer. But you taste, lemonade, icing, cake, and  milkshakes.

Although it will be hard to find this delectable delight in your local grocery there are plenty of places to purchase the berries ($4 each) , and tablets ($15 depending on amount), and even the whole plant (about $30), and much more!

I would love to know what you think of this idea or if you have already attended or thrown your own party!

Baggie Babies

I have attended many bridal and baby showers over the years and without a doubt, throwing a personalized homemade gift into the of pile of generous gifts is always a pleasant surprise for the soon to be bride or mommy. Mainly because she didn’t expect it! There is no way she can register for this homemade gift!  My best advice is don’t make the handcrafted creation be your only gift. Making an inexpensive craft like I did below will make a nice addition to your already thoughtful gift.

My marshmallow baby was inspired by the soon to be mama’s last name. Marsh. They have been looking forward to the arrival of their lil marshmallow for months and so it only seemed appropriate to give them a lil sneak peek of whats to come. You could go with  marshmallows or something totally different, depending on whats near and dear to the soon to be rents. 

Need: Clear Plastic Kitchen Bag, Thread, scissors, Black Marker, White Shopping Bag, ingredient for Baby (I used 2 bags of marshmallows)

1. Pour ingredients into clear bag. Adjust to the size of the head you want. Knot off the bag.  Closing the Ingredients in.

2. Pour more ingredients in and split it off to 2 sections (the arms). Use thread to tie off each arm.

3. Fill belly. Tie it off with thread.

4. Pour ingredients into rest of bag. Tie off whole bag as close to belly as possible. Split in 2 sections (the legs). Tie off with thread.

5. Use white bag (diaper) to cover the tie off of the end of the bag. Draw face on!

DIY Word Bubbles

Word bubbles have been around for a long time… comics, scrap booking, and now your photos. This weekend I had the pleasure of throwing my dear friend a superhero party. My goal was to make a comic book come alive. With a lil BAM, POW, BANG added to the mix it was a true success. Word Bubbles work with any occasion. Birthdays, Baby Showers, Retirement Parties, Weddings … You name it, someone always has something to say. So put the words in their mouths for them.

What you need: Cardboard, Marker, Scissors, Paint, Paint Brush, Tape.

Step One: Draw it. Cut it. Cut a strip for handle.       Step Two: Paint it the background.  Step Three: Paint your words.                          Step Four: Tape a handle. 

Final Product: Your very own comic strip.